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John Willie moved to Australia in 1926. He was 24 years old. While in Brisbane, he met Holly Anna c. 1934.

By 1935, they had moved to Sydney and joined the local High Heel Club, preferring to surround themselves with heel lovers instead of the crowd at a more conventional club.

In 1942 the pair married and, with Holly as willing muse, she introduced him to the idea that his erotic reveries, brimming with deep-seated fetish desires and shiny, shiny boots of leather, could be acted out together as role play fantasies with John Willie as photographer.

Holly and John eventually separated, and Holly vanishes from our tale forever, albeit not her legacy: their photographic work being immortalized forever between the covers of BIZARRE magazine.

Sweet Gwendoline

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Sweet Gwendoline

Our heroine and namesake “Sweet Gwendoline” first makes an appearance as a full-page teaser for a serial strip in BIZARRE VOL 2, January 1946.

Throughout the series, Gwendoline encounters role playing characters depicting an upstairs-downstairs type of domesticity: maids, drivers, the “Countess” and “Sir (dystic) d’Arcy.”

Because of their dastardly plots to restrain her, the delightful but hapless whirlwind that is Sweet Gwendoline spends most of her time being rescued by her friend “Secret Agent U 69” having been caught in a pickle – again.

Sweet gwendoline is a highly erotic role play fantasy told through subversive wit and humour wrapped in knots and corsets.

But beneath Gwendoline’s feigned naiveté and damsel-in-distress routine is a woman acting out her erotic, bondage fantasies in her own “sweet” way.