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More Memoirs

Photographer Credit: Albert Sanchez My Man of Style I’m wild about John Willie. So much so, that when I made Vanity Fair’s prestigious International Best-Dressed List, I apparently stumped readers for name-dropping John Willie’s women as my greatest fashion inspiration. On stage, JW is always there in spirit—but no greater than the ovation “Lipteese” number I do, riding, bronco-style, straddling a whopping, sparkling red lipstick. And, of course, the little devil is at my shoulder as I creative direct my hat collection for Hood London, or my signature lingerie and glove lines. Or when I get dressed, morning or night. Little was left to the imagination when it came to the curvaceous women that JW so meticulously penciled. Yet it was what was on the outside—a second skin of chiffon and leather, silk and satin—that drew me in. The man knew clothes. And stockings. And shoes. Especially shoes, a fetish he also expressed through another enterprise, a footwear… Read More