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A homage to John Willie’s Sweet Gwendoline For the LA launch of Sweet Gwendoline French Gin, we recreated our immersive tasting experience for the bartending community. Our host Dita Von Teese curated modern representations of characters inspired by the playfully risqué world of John Willie’s Sweet Gwendoline. In their own sweet way, each one sensually represented our deliciously perfumed gin while paying homage to John Willie’s iconic, powerful characters. It was a steamy night of whip-cracking glamour, knots, blindfolds, and skyscraper heels. Thank you to everyone who came, and our glamorous cast @toscacyr, @geeawwnuh, @asapstormborn, @sunsetboulevardier, @frankiefictitious, @annetothelisa, @juliobyme, and @lisamasonlee. Big thanks to #jimweathers and #iralevine   Photography @madelinenorthway Filming @eyecanbomb Makeup @gregoryarlt Hair @hisvintagetouch Thanks to @novacancyla for the amazing space! Bottoms Up! Add a French Gin to your collection, and have a bottle delivered directly to your door.     Read More
Blindfolds and figs… We're back from our recent trip to Chicago and our latest “Delight & Bewitch” event held at The Revel Room in Wicker Park. 80+ industry folks enjoyed a Dominatrix-led session during which they were blindfolded. Being deprived of their sense of sight elevated their sense of taste and the ability to better enjoy Sweet Gwendoline French Gin with more focus and awareness, free from distraction. Whilst adhering to a strictly instructed set of tasks involving figs, ticklers, and candles, guests listened intently as we talked them through the details of our gin, from the copper stills used in its production to the maceration of the fig and its botanicals: juniper, angelica seed, cardamom, coriander, lime, and sweet orange. It’s a sensory experience and nothing like the usual sampling event… If you ever get the chance to join one of our sessions, please do.     Guests included the owners and… Read More
Going Undercover Growing up in Canada, I wanted to be a spy. As a quiet, serious girl, this was a job that intrigued me because it was bold, dangerous and important. It was also very sexy. James Bond? Sexy. Every single flavor of Bond, from David Niven to Daniel Craig, got my attention. Why couldn’t there be a Jane Bond? I wanted to be mysterious and sexy; a spy on a mission. My name, Jane Boon, is only one letter away. Couldn’t that be a sign? Beyond the perfection of John Willie’s drawings and his decadent imagination, I adored his mysterious character Undercover Agent U69. She was a spy par excellence, and perfectly primed for my espionage fantasies. She took down evil-doers while looking smashing in a pair of form-fitting Hermès jodhpurs and laced-up black boots with impossibly high heels. For all her physical courage, U69 was gentle with Sweet Gwendoline, and… Read More
@pain_pups serving Sweet Gwendoline French Gin A night of latex, leather & figs We’ve just held our first, private event for the fetish community in New York City. Our event host, Lucy Sweetkill, created a unique sensory experience exclusively for her guests. They were blindfolded for a heightened taste-discovery, and then led through a strictly instructed series of sensory tasks; all with the intent of aiding their exploration of our unique flavor profile: French gin infused with fig and botanicals: juniper, cardamom, coriander, lime, sweet orange and angelica, with a soft finish with white wine added after distillation. The event theme was glamorously risqué so guests dressed playfully.  Amidst the leather and latex they enjoyed signature Sweet Gwendoline French Gin cocktails: The Provocateur, Delight and Bewitch and Sweet G & T, and a mocktail, Strawberry Blonde.  As an homage to the fetish artistry of John Willie and his wife and muse Holly Anna Faram, the night was based on the aesthetic of his… Read More
Artwork © David Downton Dangerous Curves Who can deny the awe-inspiring effects of a corset induced wasp waist? Or the sensuality of fine silk lingerie, the elegance of bejeweled kid-skin gloves, the erotic power of perfectly fitted hip hugging leathers and the desire that these sensual materials incite? And finally…the finishing touch of a pair of dangerously high heels, designed to imbue the wearer with a sense of superiority and fragility all at the same time? I stumbled upon Sweet Gwendoline and the aesthetic of fetish (not to mention the joys of “different” kinds of loving) in 1982 while rummaging through what was certainly a secret stash of girlie magazines. I purchased the whole lot of worn and torn Wink and Bizarre at a yard sale for 1$. The lady who took my crinkled dollar bill seemed as relieved to free herself from her deceased husband's coveted collection as I was to become its new owner!… Read More