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Chicago —we’re hiring!

Brand Ambassador

Brief Overview

Sweet Gwendoline French Gin is looking for an enthusiastic, part-time Brand Ambassador to be the face of our company and promote our product by building relationships with clients and providing new opportunities in the market for our premium lifestyle gin.


  • Increase our company’s brand awareness and generate new sales opportunities.
  • Support the market by building relationships with potential customers
  • Gain a deep understanding of our products and services to inform potential customers
  • Use word-of-mouth marketing techniques and negotiation with clients
  • Track customer preferences and help to position our products in various on- and off-premise establishments
  • Create new strategies to promote and place our product in different on- and off-premise establishments
  • Manage events and sampling opportunities both on- and off-premise.

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a Brand Ambassador, Promoter, or similar role
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Outgoing, friendly personality and a desire to meet new people
  • Experience with spirits or related industry
  • Live in Chicago

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: Contact for details 

Experience: Wine & Spirits: 1 year (Preferred)

Work Location: In person

About Sweet Gwendoline French Gin

Our new world, deliciously mischievous French gin is infused with figue de solliés, seven botanicals, and finished with a touch of French Moscatel wine. Upon tasting, our gin has a smooth, warm entry bursting with citrus and a warm black pepper finish – best served as a dry martini. Packaging, brand design and visual aesthetic are based on the provocative artwork of John Willie, a mid-century fetish illustrator & photographer.




Sweet Gwendoline French Gin is an equal-opportunity employer.

TEXAS! Sweet Gwendoline French Gin is now served in the Lone Star State! 

Crack the whip for elevated cocktails crafted with Sweet Gwendoline French Gin —a deliciously mischievous French Gin.

To purchase:

Pick up or delivery @twinliquors #TwinLiquors 100+ retail locations in Texas. 

The Austin Shaker @theaustinshaker Airport Blvd, Pleasant Valley, Oak Hill, #Austin 

Total Wine & More @totalwinedfw @totalwine #totalwinwlocal#Dallas, #FortWorth

Store locators can be found on their websites:


Must be 21+ 

Drink responsibly.

We will sell out quickly, so please check that Sweet Gwendoline French Gin is in stock!

Salon of Delights, Chicago

Salon of Delights is a sensory experience inspired by the fetish art of John Willie.

Whilst wearing blindfolds and headphones, listen to audio explaining our gin whilst enjoying Sweet Gwendoline French Gin cocktails…but only when instructed to do so by the voice of Dita Von Teese.

DM to attend @sweetgwendolinefrenchgin

April 11, 7 pm – 10 pm Mother’s Ruin
April 12, 7 pm – 10 pm The Violet Hour
April 13, 6 pm – 10 pm Broken Shaker

Why the blindfolds?

At Sweet Gwendoline French Gin we blindfold guests during our Dominatrix-led tasting experience.
It’s mostly our homage to the fetish artistry of #JohnWillie who would often illustrate the pages of his publishing project #BizarreMagazine with portraits featuring beautifully tied sashes and blindfolds.
Being deprived of the sense of sight elevates the other senses.
This serves us well when we’re conducting our sampling experiences with bartenders.
Once blindfolded their sense of taste is heightened and therefore the ability to better enjoy our Sweet Gwendoline French Gin with more focus and awareness, free from distraction.
Whilst adhering to a strictly instructed set of tasks involving figs, ticklers, and candles, guests listen intently as we talk them through the details of our gin; from the copper stills used in its production to the maceration of the fig and its botanicals juniper, angelica seed, cardamom, coriander, lime, and sweet orange.
It’s a sensory experience and nothing like the usual sampling event.
If you ever get the chance to join one of our sessions, please do.
More about our sensory experience “The Salon of Delights” soon…

A homage to John Willie’s Sweet Gwendoline

For the LA launch of Sweet Gwendoline French Gin, we recreated our immersive tasting experience for the bartending community.

Our host Dita Von Teese curated modern representations of characters inspired by the playfully risqué world of John Willie’s Sweet Gwendoline.

In their own sweet way, each one sensually represented our deliciously perfumed gin while paying homage to John Willie’s iconic, powerful characters.

It was a steamy night of whip-cracking glamour, knots, blindfolds, and skyscraper heels.

Thank you to everyone who came, and our glamorous cast @toscacyr, @geeawwnuh, @asapstormborn, @sunsetboulevardier, @frankiefictitious, @annetothelisa, @juliobyme, and @lisamasonlee.

Big thanks to #jimweathers and #iralevine


Photography @madelinenorthway

Filming @eyecanbomb

Makeup @gregoryarlt

Hair @hisvintagetouch

Thanks to @novacancyla for the amazing space!

Bottoms Up!

Add a French Gin to your collection, and have a bottle delivered directly to your door.



Blindfolds and figs…

We’re back from our recent trip to Chicago and our latest “Delight & Bewitch” event held at The Revel Room in Wicker Park.

80+ industry folks enjoyed a Dominatrix-led session during which they were blindfolded.

Being deprived of their sense of sight elevated their sense of taste and the ability to better enjoy Sweet Gwendoline French Gin with more focus and awareness, free from distraction.

Whilst adhering to a strictly instructed set of tasks involving figs, ticklers, and candles, guests listened intently as we talked them through the details of our gin, from the copper stills used in its production to the maceration of the fig and its botanicals: juniper, angelica seed, cardamom, coriander, lime, and sweet orange.

It’s a sensory experience and nothing like the usual sampling event…

If you ever get the chance to join one of our sessions, please do.


Guests included the owners and bartenders from Mother’s Ruin —its sister bar in New York City is still one of our all-time favourite* bars and we’re wishing their Chicago venue the same success.

Thanks to our local glamorously risqué team: dominatrix Mistress Sally (@sallymarvel) and Ellis, shibari artists Jorie (@_flesh_hound_) and Brendan (@tied_died), Heartland Kinbaku (@heartlandkinbake), photographer Alejandra Guerrero (@corporatevampire) and our distribution partners Frederick Wildman & Sons for all their work on the event and for taking care of the invites

—it was packed so thank you.




If you see yourself in these photographs, holler!

More posted soon…

Don’t forget to follow us @SweetGwendolineFrenchGin

Bottoms Up! 🍸

Photography: Alejandra Guerrero.

In these photos:

Shaunna McCarthy


Katie Renshaw


*The Mother’s Ruin stories we could tell

(but won’t)


Going Undercover

Growing up in Canada, I wanted to be a spy. As a quiet, serious girl, this was a job that intrigued me because it was bold, dangerous and important. It was also very sexy. James Bond? Sexy. Every single flavor of Bond, from David Niven to Daniel Craig, got my attention. Why couldn’t there be a Jane Bond? I wanted to be mysterious and sexy; a spy on a mission. My name, Jane Boon, is only one letter away. Couldn’t that be a sign?

Beyond the perfection of John Willie’s drawings and his decadent imagination, I adored his mysterious character Undercover Agent U69. She was a spy par excellence, and perfectly primed for my espionage fantasies. She took down evil-doers while looking smashing in a pair of form-fitting Hermès jodhpurs and laced-up black boots with impossibly high heels. For all her physical courage, U69 was gentle with Sweet Gwendoline, and she never lost her sense of humor, no matter how hapless Gwen could be.

In addition to her glamor and her sharp brown bob, I appreciated U69’s technical skills. She always had the right tools for the job – a lock pick hidden in her heel, a piece of wire tucked in her boot, a Morgan convertible fast enough to make a getaway as her hair streamed behind her. She was the best escape artist in the service, meaning ropes could not hold her back. And when she tied Gwen up, Gwen just jiggled and wriggled, helpless. I’ve tied a few knots in my day and gotten out of some binds myself (in the interest of fun, of course), so this is knowledge U69 and I share.

What I also appreciate about U69 is her ambiguity. She had few qualms about leaving Gwen bound in some impossible position as a lure for Sir Dystic D’Arcy. She helped Gwen, certainly, as they dealt with their common enemy, the Countess. But who did U69 work for, really? What was her agenda? The spy kept secrets, and I respect that.

I wound up becoming an engineer – the kind who coaxes numbers to spill their secrets – and then a writer, but those early spy fantasies persist. Usually, I imagine sitting at an elegant bar, looking chic in corporate drag. It’s always a sharp navy suit, think pencil skirt and a jacket with a nipped-in waist, probably by Alexander McQueen. It’s a look that says head of sales at some pharmaceutical company or managing director at an investment bank, far from my typical disguise of business casual.

In this imaginary bar, I’d discreetly take in the scene while balanced on the barstool, black patent Louboutin pump dangling casually from my toe. In a nod to James Bond, I’d order a martini, only mine would be made of Sweet Gwendoline French Gin, just to show the old boys this girl has some fresh moves of her own. I’d take small sips of my cold, delicious cocktail, and wait.

The spy quietly nursing her drink at the bar knows the stories of everyone around her – who they are, and why they’re there. The guy with the brown hair and red face hitting on the bartender, works for the World Bank and he gossips. The pretty blonde in the green dress is an executive at a consulting company with clients in some very dark corners of the world. She’s having an affair with the CEO of a local software company and he is late. The mousy fellow in the grey suit, slumped to the side and nursing his scotch, is a grumpy diplomat desperate for attention. I’d sip my gin, savoring its flavor on my tongue and in my throat, as I decided how best to approach my target.

Once I was ready, I’d gently grasp my martini glass, hop down off my barstool and make my move.

“You deserve better,” I’d say to my target, the pretty blonde. In my imagination, she’d look at me, with the wide, hopeful eyes of a Gwendoline. “Can I buy you a drink?”

A spy’s job is about seduction and in my fantasies, I succeed, just like U69. I’d signal to the bartender as I gave my target my most winning smile, “A gin martini for the lady.”

John Willie’s women were glamorous, brave, and there was a frankness and humor to their sexuality. They were thoroughly modern, even as their waists were cinched tight in corsets. From the Countess and her maids, to U69, and even Sweet Gwendoline herself, Willie’s women took risks as they took charge. These damsels made things happen.

It’s time that James made way for Jane, otherwise she might tie him down and put a gag in his mouth. Bond no longer has a monopoly on strategic cocktail seduction. Women like U69 are going undercover and we are changing the world.

Illustration by Dirk Hooper (Twitter/IG: @dirkhooper)

Jane Boon lives in New York City with her husband, Norm Pearlstine. She studied technology and policy at MIT and later received a Ph.D. in industrial engineering. Jane has written for publications like The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek,,, and She enjoys improv and playing dress up, including the time she wore a corset, garters and thigh-high stockings as a dominatrix in the Fox TV series, Gotham. Jane is the author of the Regan Arts novel EDGE PLAY; the 2021 recipient of the Pauline Réage Novel Award for erotic fiction from the NLA.

Twitter: @JaneEBoon

Instagram: @JaneEBoon

A night of latex, leather & figs

We’ve just held our first, private event for the fetish community in New York City.

Our event host, Lucy Sweetkill, created a unique sensory experience exclusively for her guests.

They were blindfolded for a heightened taste-discovery, and then led through a strictly instructed series of sensory tasks; all with the intent of aiding their exploration of our unique flavor profile:

French gin infused with fig and botanicals:

juniper, cardamom, coriander, lime, sweet orange and angelica, with a soft finish with white wine added after distillation.

The event theme was glamorously risqué so guests dressed playfully. 

Amidst the leather and latex they enjoyed signature Sweet Gwendoline French Gin cocktails: The Provocateur, Delight and Bewitch and Sweet G & T, and a mocktail, Strawberry Blonde. 

As an homage to the fetish artistry of John Willie and his wife and muse Holly Anna Faram, the night was based on the aesthetic of his publishing project: BIZARRE magazine, and menus, postcards and posters all featured his illustrations. 

The seductive red lights were turned down, an ethereal playlist filled the room, and the night unfolded…

Thanks to @Lucy.Sweetkill and her team for hosting and bottoms up! to all who attended.

Follow us on Instagram for more photos soon…@sweetgwendolinefrenchgin 

Our mistress and host @lucy.sweetkill Photography by Natasha Gornik @natashagornik

Our Delight and Bewitch host @lucy.sweetkill

📸 Photography by Natasha Gornik @natashagornik

Dangerous Curves

Who can deny the awe-inspiring effects of a corset induced wasp waist? Or the sensuality of fine silk lingerie, the elegance of bejeweled kid-skin gloves, the erotic power of perfectly fitted hip hugging leathers and the desire that these sensual materials incite? And finally…the finishing touch of a pair of dangerously high heels, designed to imbue the wearer with a sense of superiority and fragility all at the same time?

I stumbled upon Sweet Gwendoline and the aesthetic of fetish (not to mention the joys of “different” kinds of loving) in 1982 while rummaging through what was certainly a secret stash of girlie magazines. I purchased the whole lot of worn and torn Wink and Bizarre at a yard sale for 1$. The lady who took my crinkled dollar bill seemed as relieved to free herself from her deceased husband’s coveted collection as I was to become its new owner!

The corner of every page that was graced with Sweet Gwendoline’s extreme beauty was tattered from turning. A sure sign that John Willie’s aesthetic inclinations had excited the previous owner of these magazines as much as they were now informing and exciting my own imagination. I was sweet 16 and Sweet Gwendoline became my fashion and life-style aspiration.

Not long after I had acquired this erotic treasure trove, I found a part-time job in a vintage clothing shop that carried a fine selection of clothing and accessories as well as a rare collection of bondage gear and English leathers: fuck-me pumps, thigh high lace-up boots, brothel creepers, metal-studded bullet bras and belts, buckled boots, handcuffs, masks, chaps, harnesses, whips, and other accoutrements of the closely aligned worlds of alternative fashion and BDSM.

Like every 16-year-old girl, I was eager to learn and even more eager to explore my burgeoning feminine self. Part of my job at the store was to work a look that was representative of the shop’s aesthetics. The first time the owner of the boutique offered to lace me into a breath-taking boned Victorian corset, I accepted. The shift it generated in my energy and in my attitude was immediate–I had never felt more self-confident! I also discovered a distinct power in being constricted, or was it the momentary lack thereof? Paradoxically, the resulting restriction of my movements also instilled in me an enhanced sense of freedom. Because I could no longer bend at the waist and do it myself, my boss went happily onto his knees and proceeded to lace my stocking clad feet into a beautiful pair of 6-inch kid skin boots. I felt excited, dare I say aroused, and though I could barely walk, I was empowered by the power shift that took place almost instantly. Yes, my boss had suddenly become my subordinate, and the experience would change my life forever.

Sweet Gwendoline taught me to not only to lean into this experience, but to love my curvaceous body. Thanks to the weekly thrift shopping sprees that I did for the store manager, I amassed a significant personal collection of corsets and silhouette enhancing girdles and to my dear mother’s dismay, black lace, vintage lingerie, seamed stockings, and torpedo bras became the essence of my wardrobe. Following John Willie’s queue, I assumed the sensuality therein, and outerwear became my only wear for many years to come.

Was it Fetish? Or was it Fashion? I was too naïve to ask myself this question at the time, but my sexy personalized style, or depending on your perspective, my anti-fashion aesthetics, reflected my emerging political and philosophical beliefs, not just my blossoming sexual identity. All I knew then was that I was more than happy to wear anything that confined and defined my own, dare I say, dangerous Sweet Gwendoline curves.

I remain as obsessed with Sweet Gwendoline’s silhouette and outstanding elegance today as I am with any material or garment that can hug my body tight enough for me to feel free. Being constricted and therefore slightly restricted happens to make me feel even more present, aware, and tuned into myself, and therefore to others.

Whether you share the same delectation for constriction and all things Fetish or not … If you are preparing to sip a Cocktail made with Sweet Gwendoline Gin today, we share a similar love and appreciation for the finer things in life.

Cheers to you and yours… bottoms up!

✍🏼 Artwork © David Downton @daviddownton

Betony Vernon is author of The Boudoir Bible, designer of Paradise Found fine erotic jewelry — celebrating 30 years in Sept 2022 with a picture book by Rizzoli nyc.

My Man of Style

I’m wild about John Willie.

So much so, that when I made Vanity Fair’s prestigious International Best-Dressed List, I apparently stumped readers for name-dropping John Willie’s women as my greatest fashion inspiration. On stage, JW is always there in spirit—but no greater than the ovation “Lipteese” number I do, riding, bronco-style, straddling a whopping, sparkling red lipstick.

And, of course, the little devil is at my shoulder as I creative direct my hat collection for Hood London, or my signature lingerie and glove lines. Or when I get dressed, morning or night.

Little was left to the imagination when it came to the curvaceous women that JW so meticulously penciled. Yet it was what was on the outside—a second skin of chiffon and leather, silk and satin—that drew me in. The man knew clothes. And stockings. And shoes. Especially shoes, a fetish he also expressed through another enterprise, a footwear line called Achilles. He sold the seductive soles via ads in his magazine BIZARRE. Designing was one way to ensure that the flesh-and-blood models whom he photographed, including his muse and second wife, Holly Anna Faram, were suitably laced up from tilted toe to the upper most tippy top of the thigh.

Willie had a signature style when it came to fashioning the fantasies he conjured by way of graphite or camera film. There were the oil-slick long gloves and wide patent leather belts; pencil skirts cut up to here and the snuggest of cardigans unbuttoned down to there. His illustrations also revealed a sense of haute drama, as in the case of a black gown with tiny waist and sweetheart neckline surprisingly paired with a white gossamer blouse with long puffed sleeves and a high neck. It’s only one example in a dress code so informed by Forties and Fifties femme fatales with shades of Victorian and Gibson Girl femininity. The latter also showed up in the ruffles on tightly pulled corsets and the endless leather covered buttons on boots with the most vertiginous angled heels.

It could all be the liner notes for a New York or Paris runway. Yet here it was in the pages of a “dirty” magazine. Today, it all looks as chic and exciting as ever.

JW’s eye for style forever hooked me when I discovered Bizarre and Sweet Gwendoline and the rest of his universe at around age 20. Reb Stout, also known as Rebecca H. Heels, introduced me to Willie and contemporaries such as fellow artist Bill Ward and model Bettie Page. Reb schooled me on fetish fashion and art. He was already in his 60s when we met in 1992 through a fetish wares and media house where he helmed many of the operations both logistically and creatively, and I modeled for free corsets and other fetish ware. Among other lessons, my late friend imparted that sexual exploration is best served with a streak of humor. I couldn’t agree more.

JW dished it out with a wink and nudge even in the most explicit of scenarios. Here are women—in charge or in distress—behaving badly. The fantasy role play accompanied by speech bubbles laced with JW’s deadpan Brit humor made everything more intriguing, witty. I always loved reading the letters to the editor in Bizarre, too. JW insisted they were authentic reader letters. Whatever the truth, they are a hoot. He made fetishism fun.

While Sweet Gwendoline acted the distressed damsel through endless storylines, not all of his buxom protagonists played this role. The clever Secret Agent U89 (changed from U69 to sidestep censoring) and the dastardly Countess had the upper hand on them all. To wit, even Gwendoline’s responses seem to reveal she was in on the act, too. JW might have been a man, but that didn’t necessarily mean men were his primary audience.

Case in point is the original John Willie painting that greets visitors entering my home. Acquiring an original JW is near impossible. Granting me the impossible was a bondage master, well known in that community. He agreed to sell it to me when I moved into this home in the Hollywood Hills some years back.

Now framed in gold and black, the painting depicts a redhead who has managed to keep on her intricately laced-up boots over fitted jodhpurs, a broad belt and opera-length gloves. Earrings dangle. Missing is any semblance of a top. Her pert breasts point to the left, while the squiggle of a whip she wields over her head is at the right. The target is a brunette, up against a split-trunk tree, tied up from wrist to just above her ultra-high stilettos.

The woodsy motif of this work pairs perfectly with the forestland mural covering the walls of the foyer. To those at my front door, it conveys: Welcome to my world.