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Why the blindfolds?

At Sweet Gwendoline French Gin we blindfold guests during our Dominatrix-led tasting experience.
It’s mostly our homage to the fetish artistry of #JohnWillie who would often illustrate the pages of his publishing project #BizarreMagazine with portraits featuring beautifully tied sashes and blindfolds.
Being deprived of the sense of sight elevates the other senses.
This serves us well when we’re conducting our sampling experiences with bartenders.
Once blindfolded their sense of taste is heightened and therefore the ability to better enjoy our Sweet Gwendoline French Gin with more focus and awareness, free from distraction.
Whilst adhering to a strictly instructed set of tasks involving figs, ticklers, and candles, guests listen intently as we talk them through the details of our gin; from the copper stills used in its production to the maceration of the fig and its botanicals juniper, angelica seed, cardamom, coriander, lime, and sweet orange.
It’s a sensory experience and nothing like the usual sampling event.
If you ever get the chance to join one of our sessions, please do.
More about our sensory experience “The Salon of Delights” soon…